Payment Processing System

MICR Encoder

This is a high speed MICR Encoder that is professionally designed and developed to meet with the business requirements of banks handling high-volume of cheque transaction.

  • Large-Capacity Auto-Hopper
  • Ulra Hi-Speed Encoder
  • Impact Technology
  • Flexible Integration

TS 240 Teller Scan

The TellerScan 240 is the 5th generation batch fed scanner from Digital Check. Built on the successful legacy of the TS230 line of scanners, the TS240 incorporates the features for which banks are looking in a check scanner: fast to deploy, easy to install, easy to support, and a fool proof design. This new generation of scanner features advanced 300 dpi non-contact cameras that improve CAR/LAR rates and reduce the number of rescans — even checks with folds and wrinkles will read more accurately. Supporting the new scanner is our latest API which incorporates automatic image rotation and scanner diagnostics. Scanner diagnostics helps to quickly determine the cause of most user problems and assists the user in correcting the problem.

The new styling on the device is not only beautiful, but it is also functional. The TS240 incorporates a new cover design that helps process damaged checks more effectively and also reduces noise level during operation. The TS240 is built with a 100 sheet feeder for greater wall clock performance. The TS240 comes ready to use out of the box, requiring no assembly.

FFIEC recently released guidance suggesting that document control can reduce the risk of items being inadvertently re-deposited. To aid in document control, the TS240 offers a front franking stamp as well as a programmable, rear ink jet printer as available options. The TS240 is available in speeds of 50, 75, and 100 items per minute.

CheXpress CX30​

The CheXpress® CX30 was the first check scanner designed specifically for business and consumer remote deposit capture, offering high speed and accurate MICR reading at an affordable price. With over 100,000 scanners deployed worldwide, it has remained our most popular and reliable model for remote deposit and check truncation since its introduction in 2007.

CheXpress provides the high quality image capture capabilities required for remote deposit capture, while adding a number of usability and energy efficient enhancements for support of small business banking customers. CheXpress CX30 is uniquely suited for the current demands of the small business, merchant POS, or low volume teller. It is compatible with all modern versions of Windows and certain Linux distributions.

SmartSource® Pro Elite

It’s a teller capture scanner with all the great features of the SmartSource Pro Elite series – only smaller and faster! Scanning speeds of up to 155 documents per minute, the new SmartSource Pro Elite has what it takes to handle any job in the branch, while remaining quiet and compact enough to be pushed into the field as a high-volume remote deposit capture scanner.  The Pro Elite features a four-line inkjet endorser and is build for a teller environment and speeds of 75 or 155 documents per minute.

The Pro Elite series scanners are also available with optional UV capture for use in certain countries with speeds of up to 80 documents per minute in UV-capture mode.