Mall Management System

System Overview​

The system consists of three main modules that handle the lease creation to monitoring the sales performance of the tenants in the shopping mall. The solution aims to help the mall management to effectively manage the tenants and the mall using the accurate data collected in the system. We also offer Outsource Service to the mall management to assist in managing the data from creating and maintaining the leases, and ensuring sales are collected accurately from the tenants, so as to achieve accurate analysis of data for efficient decision making by the mall management. 

Tenant Management
  • Global Setting for Mall Buildings
  • Tenant Master Details Setup
  • Tenant’s Document Master
Lease Management
  • Tenant’s Lease Setup
  • Tenant’s Lease Terms Setup
  • Lease Processing – Renewal, Novation, Termination
Sales Tracker
  • Data Analysis & Reports
  • There is at least 50+ reports/charts including exception reports
  • Dashboard
Lease Analysis
  • Rent Roll Analysis
  • Variance Rent Calculation
  • Rent-free Period Calculation

Why Choose Our Mall Management System

Tenant Point Of Sales (POS) System Integration

Hurricane Mall Management System version 5.10 consists of a host database and web application to collate and produce reports such as daily sales transactions collected from all tenants POS systems within the managed mall(s) either through LAN connection or Internet cloud service. A daily sales file (which contain transaction count and total sales for the day or breakdown of hourly sales for the day) is required to be generated by the Tenant POS system usually immediately after End-Of-Day closing is performed.

Tenant Portal

Having difficulties meeting compliance to generate and upload standard interface sales format from the Point of Sales System?

Check out our Tenant Portal that is capable of providing yet another avenue for the tenants to choose either to key in daily or monthly sales manually or upload the entire month sales using our standard Excel format or system generated interface format. The new Tenant Portal is built on top of a web friendly engine to provide mobility and convenience. Sales numbers can be uploaded anytime and anywhere through a desktop computer or mobile devices. Tenants may also logon to the system to check and verify the sales they have submitted to-date.

What’s more? The Web Portal is capable for broadcasting event and activities happening in the mall with ease and convenience without having to send large attachment email to every tenants. Important information may be attached at the portal for download anytime and at anywhere!

Mall Management System Services

Data Centre And Cloud Service
  • Data Protection
  • High Availability and Accessibility Anywhere
  • No Infrastructure Costs
  • Direct Sales Upload from Tenant POS to Data Centre
Software As A Service (SAAS)/ Subscription Based Service/ Outsource Service
  • Usage based on Number of Tenant Records
  • Tenant Master Record and Tenancy Management
  • Recursive Billing and Third Party Accounting Records Interface
  • Sales Record Management
  • Data Quality and Troubleshooting of Erroneous Sales Data
Consultancy And Product Development Services
  • Solution Consultancy

       DTS Semangat will work closely with you and will offer the best solutions for your business problem. We give 360° attention to your business problem and be assured that they are all taken care of.

During the discovery phase of the implementation process, our team professionally analyses business processes mapping out your current functionality where needed, helping you adapt to DTS newly designed functionality where desired, and mapping out changes where necessary to ensure that your organization can utilize the software to your best advantage. DTS will manage the project efficiently together with your team and ensure that the product is delivered on time and with top quality.

  • Product Development

       In DTS, we engage in idea generation of a product, product design and detailed engineering & delivery. DTS has developed many products in Retail sector with respect to customer’s need.

Property Management Consultancy
  • Retail Strategy Planning
  • Tenant Management Plan
  • Leasing Plan and Strategy
  • Lease Documentation and Administration
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Setup of Leasing and Marketing SOPs and Management Control Processes