Document Management System

Transactional Content Management For Enterprise

Exela Tech’s Document Management System is an Enterprise Transactional Content Management (TCM) solution; a combination of digital imaging hardware technologies with Enterprise Application Software to provide for an end-to-end document management Solution. CenterVision® individually tracks every document and manages the performance of each processing activity to give management and staff a comprehensive view of the organization’s operational performance.

It’s Time To Take A Good Look At Exela Tech's Document Management System​

Exela Tech’s Document Management System is a Transactional Content Management (TCM) solution; a dynamic combination of digital imaging hardware technologies with fully customizable enterprise software, which provides for a fully-integrated, end-to-end document management solution.

Why it's different?

All document or content management systems claim similar things. What makes Exela Tech’s Document Management System different is not only in the superior hardware and software it possesses, but also in the manner of its implementation. Whether you have central or distributed processing sites, or are looking to transform one to the other, the solution is flexible and scalable enough to handle your particular business situation. And with 30 years of handling large enterprise BPO’s we have what it takes to develop a streamlined process flow which is fully optimized for your operations.

Business Benefits​
  • Cut down the cost of processing inbound/outbound information
  • Reduce end-to-end processig times of inbound/outbound documents
  • Improve the ability of organizations to automate the processing of large volumes of mail quickly & efficiently
  • Enhance organization’s abilit to meet Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
  • Accelerate delivery of information to the relevant line of business

IntelliScan XDS is available with configuration options that capture and output color images ranging from 40 pages per minute (ppm) at a true 600 dpi optical resolution up to a speedy 550 ppm at 200 dpi. With a completely open track, the IntelliScan offers the least restrictive paper path in its class, simplifying document retrieval in the rare event of a paper jam. The IntelliScan XDS also features the error recovery module, which increases document throughput by allowing quicker recovery from problems, minimizes the number of documents to be re-fed and reduces the chances of missing or out-of-sequence documents.


  • Unparalleled combination of image quality, optical resolution and throughput
  • Quick and easy access to every document–at all times allowing for quick error recovery and problem resolution
  • Dual double-feed detection technology–including four-wheel and ultrasonic options, ensuring every document is imaged
  • Completely open track driven by a vacuum-assisted belt transport, which dramatically improves document throughput and reduces recovery time from paper jams
  • Multiple document sorting capabilities, including different size pocket configurations to suit all business requirements
  • Ultra-low maintenance “cool” illumination
  • Real-time OCR and MICR recognition technology
  • 1D and 2D barcode recognition
  • Five types of pre- or post-scan inkjet imprinting
  • Unrivaled accuracy with real-time MICR TripleRead recognition for check processing
  • Precision camera assemblies pressurized to minimize dust
  • MICR Reader can be disengaged for non-MICR applications
  • Video-based training for quick yet effective operator orientation
  • Touchscreen monitor and other one-touch controls maximize operator efficiency