• Payment Processing Systems

    Our Payment Processing Systems, particularly in Cheque Processing, is being used widely in

    Malaysia and in the South East Asian Region, including Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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  • Document Management Systems

    Our Document Management Solution is known as CenterVision, an end to end

    Transactional Content Management System capable of transforming your document

    management needs and increasing productivity.

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  • Kodak Scanners

    Kodak scanners enable customers to capture and consolidate data from digital and paper sources, understand and extract valuable insight from the contents, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

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  • Queue Management Systems

    Our Queue Management Systems is fully Web-enabled and thus allows for better control,

    monitoring and cost-effective maintenance from a centralized location.

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  • Hurricane Property Management System

    Hurricane Property Management System version 5.0 is built on web based engines using Microsoft .net Framework and comprises of three basic modules catered for managing shopping mall.

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  • Olivetti Passbook Printer

    Olivetti printers address different needs and are designed to print on a variety of paper formats. They are able to read MICR, E13B and CMC7 code lines along with magnetic strips. Olivetti printers are the most popular printers among financial institutions.

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  • EPSON Printers

    Epson's PLQ-20D is a compact, reliable impact printer that makes printing passbooks and other documents quick and easy. Built to last, the PLQ-20 offers a wide range of features and can handle passbooks up to 2.6mm thick.

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  • ScanCek® Cheque Deposit Kiosk

    Integrated Cheque Scanning & Deposit Solution.

    ScanCek®, an innovative self service kiosk provides customer with the ability to deposit cheques anytimes of the day, is a very important customer based self service kiosk.

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